What do you sell here?

We sell cards for the Hex: Shards of Fate Digital Trading Card Game. All of our goods are digital (we do not sell physical goods) and are for use within Hex: Shards of Fate. You will need an active Hex: Shards of Fate account to receive and make use of goods purchased though Battle Shopper.

How do I buy?

To buy, browse the site, add what you're looking to purchase to your cart, and check out. Your purchased cards will be sent to you via in-game mail; you’ll see them in your Hex: Shards of Fate account within 12 hours of recieved payment. (In all cases but a PayPal "e-check" is upon order. With e-checks it may be 2-3 days) It's that simple!

We accept payment via PayPal and credit card.

You must have a Battle Shopper account to complete your purchase, which you can set up right at the checkout page, or beforehand. When you set up an account on Battle Shopper, you’ll register your in-game name so we know where to send your purchases (so you’ll definitely want to enter that correctly!). Battle Shopper may contact you via email regarding an existing order; we will not spam you.

Can I sell stuff here?

We fully intend on beginning our buylisting operation very soon, but at the moment the systems are not quite in place yet. Check back later as we will be happy to buy any of your Hex cards or booster packs!

How do I sell?

Talk to us! Once they are operational, sales are handled via direct contact. Use our Contact Us form to provide a link to either the full collection or a tradelist on hex.tcgbrowser.com and we will get you a detailed offer within 24 hours. Stay tuned for updates to our sale procedure!

When do I get my stuff?

Maximum fulfillment time is 12 hours of received payment, but typical turnaround times are much less. Use the Contact Us form if you haven't received your order within 12 hours.

Are there any buy and sell limits?

You can buy as many as four of any single card, and we have a minimum purchase of $5 per transaction. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit! Special requests above the buy limit? Contact Us and we’ll see what we can accommodate.

How do I contact you if something goes wrong?

Contact Us directly here. If there is an issue with an order use either the contact form on our site and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I purchase cards as a gift?

YES! Specify in the notes at checkout that your purchase is a gift, and what in-game name you would like the purchase to be sent to (again, please be careful to prevent typos), and a personalized note if you’d like to add one (default gift note is, “Awesome! [your name] just got you the gift of cards. Enjoy! From the folks at Battle Shopper.com.” and your personalized note will be added after that text if you chose to submit one).

What's the difference between this and the auction house? Why bother buying here and selling here?

Battle Shopper provides a much easier buying experience than the in-game Auction House. With our direct PayPal or credit card payment options, you don't have to bother with buying platinum. There’s no need to deal with searching for the cheapest price for your desired card on the Auction House, then buying it out (if there is a buyout)...and then repeating the process for each and every card you want. We have superior search functions, and a decklist copy function to make buying the deck you want a breeze. Plus, we offer some of the best pricing in the market! We strive to keep prices as low as possible, and make the most competitive offers we can for your cards (saving you time while you make money).

Is this even legal?

YES!  Hex Entertainment’s terms of service allow both the buying and selling of cards, packs, and any in-game item outside of gold or platinum. You can rest assured that you will not get in any trouble for buying from or selling to us.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes! We use SSL and TLS for safe and secure transactions. Your personal data is protected and will never be sold to a third party. For more, see our About Us page.

Can I buy more than 4 of a card? Due to the fact that currently you can't play more than 4 of any card in Hex, we limit each person to 4 copies of any given card. If you want to buy more of a card for a specific reason, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

What about all of my other questions?

Contact Us and we’ll be in touch as promptly as possible.