Budget Constructed Decks - Set 7

One of the most appealing aspects of Hex is how affordable it’s constructed format is compared to other TCGs. The goal of those article is to bring you a few different competitive decks at different price points to get you started on your competitive journey.

< $20 - Yotul Burn

The first and cheapest entry on our list is a a Yotul Burn deck. This deck will satisfy your inner arsonist on the cheap. This deck aims to take advantage the champion Yotul Mogak as much as possible. The goal is to get as many individual damage sources as we can and activate our charge power every turn. This is very much a synergy based burn deck that rewards planning ahead and proper sequencing. Containing little combos like Runic Missile and Fury Chant as well as Arcane alacrity with Arena Regular. The deck is also very creature lite which means we get access to the combo sweeper/burn spell of Electrofry.

Champion: Yotul Mogak
4x Blood Shard
14x Ruby Shard
4x Arena Regular
4x Shard of Hatred
3x Electrofry
4x Burning Tendrils
4x Blood Infusion Device
4x Fury Chant
2x Vampiric Kiss
4x Ruby's Favor
3x Gorge of the Gore God
4x Necropolis Coins
4x Arcane Alacrity
4x Runic Missile
3x Mindpyre
1x Electrofry
2x Vampiric Kiss
2x Reginald's Riposte
3x Blood's Favor
4x Burning Ire

< $50 - Papa Gooch’s Constants

The next entry on our list is a constant based midrange control deck. The decks aims to gain a continuing advantage every turn through Twilight Eclipse and Radiant Physician. The deck is also packed full of quality removal spells and life gain to battle the more aggressive decks in the format. As well as having the ability to flood the board with threats with Hailstorm and Zorath’s Rectory. This deck can be improved upon with some copies of Massacre in the reserves and replacing the Dark of Nights with Herofalls. This deck is a fun concept and the expensive cards to build towards are just generic Blood staples. The archetype also has many alternate builds such as including more cheaper constants and vespers or Adding Xentoth’s Malice and changing the champion to Bloodspinner Zoarth. With the money cards being usable in tons of decks and the variety of ways to compose the archetype I think this is the perfect way to get started on a budget.

   Champion: Papa Goot
5x Blood Shard
5x Diamond Shard
4x Exarch of the Egg
4x Radiant Physician
1x Death Chant
4x Well of Retribution
2x Zorath's Rectory - Gems: 2x Minor Diamond of Fate
4x Decree of Banishing
4x Strangle
3x Hailstorm
4x Nightfall
3x Dark of Night
4x Twilight Eclipse
4x Blood Ice
2x Diamond Ice
4x Guidance
3x Twilight Archon
2x Benediction
3x Diamond's Favor
4x Withering Gaze
2x Journey Into Nightmare
4x Blinding Ire

< $100 - Redlings

The final entry on my list is a set 6 survivor “Redlings”. Anyone who frequented the standard ladder last season will tell you this hodge podge of underworld troops is nothing to scoff at. While it’s popularity has dropped a little bit with the release of set 7 with the introduction of other aggressive strategies of similar power levels I think this deck is still king of the beat down. Lazgar’s Vengeance and Commander P.R.O.M.P.T allow you to win through oppressive board states. The deck also has the ability to grind out a longer game with the card advantage from Underworld Crusader and it’s “every part of the buffalo” approach to using it’s dead troops to buff future troops with the scrounge mechanic. You can work to improve the deck by replacing the Mortartrike Driver with a Matriarch of Flames. That is really the only budgetization for the list below because Matriarch usually finds itself in the $10 range and its not a gigantic power leap over the 4 platinum Mortartrike.

Champion: Ivan Slagpot
4x Blood Shard
7x Ruby Shard
4x Sepulchra Crypt Dust
2x Shard of Hatred
4x Emperor's Lackey
1x Deadeye Ripper
4x Underworld Crusader - Gems: 4x Minor Blood Orb of Frenzy
4x Well of Hatred
4x Lazgar's Vengeance
1x Blamsmith - Gems: 1x Minor Ruby of the Arena
2x Gruesome Deed
1x Dread Apprentice
4x Rustbucket Distractor
1x Pyresmoke Cabalist
2x Graven Geist
4x Wicked Webspawn
3x Deathseeker
1x Crimson Slayer (Alternate Art)
4x Necropolis Coins
2x Commander P.R.O.M.P.T.
1x Mortartrike Driver
3x Gemborn Prowler
2x Reginald's Riposte
1x Casualty of War
2x Haunting Cry
3x Burning Ire
2x Culmination of Blood
2x Runic Missile

As always you can find all the cards for these decks here at Battle Shopper and you can catch me at www.twitch.tv/Androod or @Androod27 on twitter for more exciting constructed content.